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Our highly skilled and specially trained technicians in our extensive network of service centers spread across 53 authorized Fuso dealership in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are ready to address all your service needs with the highest grade of quality and reliability. We continuously look to improve ourselves to offer you the best value for your money.

Inspection and Maintenance

Please be sure to conduct below inspection and maintenance including Legal inspection items and Manufacturer designated items, based on the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet equipped in your vehicle, for lasting safety and comfort with your vehicle.

  1. Daily inspection (pre-operational)
  2. New Vehicle inspection (1,000km, 5,000km)
  3. Periodical inspection Legal inspection (Regulated by local law, if applicable) Manufacturer designated inspection (Designated by MFTBC)
  4. Periodical replacement parts

How and when to inspect/service your vehicle for daily inspections (pre-operational) and oil/lubricants are written in the Owner’s Handbook summarized as inspection procedure. When the workshop is to conduct the maintenance, please consult with the MFTBC authorized workshop, present the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet for the workshop to record the maintenance condition. This record must be filled and certified by the MFTBC authorized workshop. In the case any other documents/records than “Periodical Inspection Record” are to be used, please keep them always together with the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet.

Recording Results of inspection and maintenance

Please be reminded and utilize the below record sheets included in the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet to record the inspection and maintenance results.

Inspection and maintenance are important to maintain your vehicle in the best condition, however, to keep the record is just as important. Keeping all updated results including any minor inspection and maintenance performed by you, enables appropriate maintenance and management.

The owner of the truck is fully responsible for proper inspection and maintenance. Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet is the guidebook for this purpose. When inspection and maintenance are performed, results must be recorded in the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet which is to be used as a lifetime logbook of the vehicle.

MFTBC reserves the right to void any warranty if the periodical inspection designated by MFTBC is not carried out according to the MFTBC guideline.

Periodical Inspection and Maintenance Record

Record actual conditions of Periodical inspection and maintenance including Manufacturer designated inspection items.

Periodical Inspection Record

Record results of New vehicle inspection and Periodical inspection in addition to outline of the maintenance.

Any other Maintenance Record

Record replacements of oils/elements, etc. and actual condition of extraordinary maintenance.
When inspection and maintenance are performed, results must be recorded in the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet which is to be used as a lifetime logbook of the vehicle.

Inspection Record of Severe Conditions (if applicable)

Record actual conditions at the time of use under severe conditions.

  • The FUSO Maintenance Guidebook

    The FUSO Maintenance Guidebook is the guide for periodic maintenance from a technical point of view. To extend the life of your truck, minimize problems and increase driving safety, follow the instructions of the SERVICE BOOKLET by using FUSO Maintenance Guidebook as a reference.

  • The Service Booklet

    The Service Booklet contains the warranty on new vehicle and inspection/ maintenance schedules together with information and suggestions, which will help to always maintain the vehicle in good condition. It is provided with every new vehicle.



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