New F-Wing: 32ft. Wing Van Body

March 09, 2022

The new F-Wing body is a 32 ft. wing van body mounted on the robust FUSO FJ 2528R chassis. The fully-build up vehicle comes with an upgraded body highlighting the Nippon Fruehauf design and technology.

By partnering with CMC, SFP aims to provide the highest product quality as the F-Wing body uses lightweight materials for increased service life and maximized cargo capacity which translates to increased customer business’ revenue.

As one of the safest wing van trucks, the fully-build-up vehicle is now equipped with a reverse camera that provides more visibility, and another level of assurance for safe parking maneuvers.
On top of that, SFP is proud to announce that the F-Wing body on the FJ 2528R chassis is the first RORO Ready wing van truck in the country. The fully-build-up vehicle is equipped with a built-in RORO security strap, which helps to protect both vehicle and cargo against water and wind.
Guaranteed delivery of body-ready units at 7 days.

F-Wing body specifications for the Philippine market

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