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Engineered by FUSO with passion and precision just like your truck, to give you the best in quality & reliability. This means you can rely on increased longevity, availability, as well as enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. By choosing Fuso Genuine Parts you will benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times. The availability of the required genuine parts determines the downtime of your vehicle. Turn to your nearest authorized Fuso dealer for quick supply of the genuine parts needed to keep your truck running.

The benefits of Fuso Genuine Parts

  • Oil Seal

    FUSO Genuine Oil Seals have important functions to stop harmful contaminants such as dust and dirt from entering a specific area and prevent lubricant escape...

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  • Taper Roller Bearing

    FUSO Genuine Taper Roller Bearings enable you to drive safely with high reliability and stable performance.

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  • Clutch Disk

    Clutch Disks play an important role of transmitting power from the engine to the transmission as well as the ability...

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  • Brake Pad

    FUSO Genuine Brake Pads are a crucial part of the braking system.

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  • Fuel Filter

    FUSO Genuine Fuel Filters clean unfiltered fuel before it enters the fuel supply system.

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  • Fan Belt

    FUSO Genuine Fan Belts have high power transmission capacity assuring a smooth and quiet driving experience...

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  • Pressure Plate

    FUSO Genuine Pressure Plates have an important role to apply pressure to the clutch disc transferring torque to the transmission.

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  • Brake Shoe

    Brake Shoes are essential for the overall braking performance, safety and temperature resistence of your vehicle.

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  • Oil Filter

    FUSO Genuine Oil Filters trap impurities from the engine oil to prevent oil deterioration and maintain smooth engine operation.

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  • Air Filter

    FUSO Genuine Air Filters are made with heat-hardened glue and are built very leak resistant.

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  • FUSO Genuine Parts and Accessories

    Take a look at the Fuso Genuine Parts and Accessories brochure for the parts’ descriptions and advantages on your vehicle.

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Fuso Value Parts

Fuso Value Parts are a new concept in maintenance parts. Their aim is to ensure reliable operation and increase your profitability. Offering quality equivalent to that of our genuine parts at a reasonable price.

Fuso Value Parts are an additional choice of parts for Fuso customers. The quality of FVPs is secured and approved by the original manufacturer, Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Bus Corporation, and are offered to customers at attractive prices. FVPs are specifically for owners with vehicles after warranty. On top of our current product line, more parts are planned to come.

When should you compromise on quality and value when it comes to parts you need to operate your business? The short answer is: never. With Fuso Value Parts, you are assured of authentic parts of the highest precision manufacturing guaranteed by Mitsubishi Fuso, without having to pay a premium. For excellent value at affordable prices, we have made the choice easy.


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