New Exclusive FUSO Dealership Inauguration

September 27, 2018

Kawit, Cavite, September 27, 2018 – Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation inaugurated its second FUSO Dealership today. This new FUSO Dealership is under the helm of Best Southern Genesis Motors, Inc. (BSGMI), one of the major automotive dealer groups in Southern Tagalog Region.

Homed at one of the fastest progressing municipalities in the country, Kawit, Cavite. BSGMI FUSO – Kawit has a 260-sqm showroom and eight (8) service bays which is fully capable of accommodating vehicle sales, parts, and service requirements of its customers. BSGMI FUSO – Kawit is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.

During the inauguration, FUSO concurrently featured a product presentation of the 2018 FI and FJ trucks. Since its debut at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), these two models have become prime choices for commercial businesses today.

With the newly inaugurated BSGMI FUSO – Kawit and the timely upgrade of the FUSO line-up, businesses now have a wider choice for all truck applications and servicing requirements. Looking forward, FUSO aims to augment its product and operational offerings to further address the growing market demand for reliable, durable, and high-quality trucks and buses nationwide.

The FI and FJ models are key steps to FUSO’s vision as the market for medium and heavy duty trucks are steadily increasing. Aside from the Euro-IV emission compliance, FUSO engineered significant ancillary improvements to the FI and FJ models to allow for smoother operations and driver efficiency.


The 6-wheeler FUSO FI 1217R presents a competitive advantage even among its established peers in the Medium Duty segment. Built for the daily grind of hauling, the truck has a Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W.) amounting to 11,990kg, reliably matched with a 6-speed manual transmission for smooth and improved driver turnaround time.
With the new generation 4D37 diesel engine, the FUSO FI can ensure maximum profitability for businesses thanks to an efficient output of 175 Horsepower (Hp) and 520 Newton meters (Nm) of torque, Even at full load, the FI can offer consistent gradeability on the road while keeping operating costs at a minimum.
For improved functionality, the FI 1217R is integrated with a Variable Engine RPM Control that enables the driver or porter to set his or her preferred RPM setting varying from the load required by the Power Take-Off (P.T.O.). The FI is also configured with a Cruise Control option—a feature perfect for reducing driver fatigue, easier shifting of road position and decreasing the likelihood of speed limit violations.
An updated aerodynamic front fascia brings in an aggressive look to the exterior of the 2018 FI model. The new facelift appeals to more than style—the aerodynamic styling of the cab enables better fuel economy and breaks down wind noise for a quieter cabin.
Ancillary improvements on the FI’s cab exterior include the new Solar Windshield—an addition that reduces the amount of heat being transmitted to the cabin— and a wider opening door for ease of ingress and egress of the driver and porter.
The FI also allows for safer driving in low visibility conditions. Auxiliary fog lamps and clear FTSL Auxiliary Lamps within the bumper are now installed to provide drivers with better illumination at night and during inclement weather.
The interiors of the 2018 FI are fitted with LED room lamps for superior luminescence. FUSO has also furnished a new Intelligent Meter Cluster for liquid crystal display that provides all vital driving indicators. As an added convenience factor, the cabin comes with a 1-DIN Radio System which features a USB Port and an additional storage compartment by the cabin’s ceiling.


For this year, FUSO has added two (2) robust variants of the FJ model to complement its budding Heavy Duty Line-up. The FJ 2528C 10-wheeler with a G.V.W. of 25,000 kgs., can lade up to 16 cubic meters that varies with the load application. These specifications allows the variant to accommodate various types of body applications — including Mixer and Dump bodies. Powered by the fuel-efficient 6S20 diesel engine, the FJ 2528C is capable of delivering an output of 285 Hp and 1,120 Nm of torque. Paired with a 9-speed manual transmission, the FJ 2528C is well-designed for improved gradeability, better acceleration, and fuel economy. Additionally, FJ 2528C variant comes with a Differential Lock Buzzer that notifies the driver regarding the differential lock on condition.

Similarly suitable for cargo body applications requiring heavier payload capacities, the second variant — namely, the FJ1823R 6-wheeler— possesses a G.V.W. of 18,000 kgs. and a natural loading span of 27 ft. cab to end frame chassis. The FJ 1823R is also powered by the 6S20 diesel engine and is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

For businesses that require a safe, lasting investment, the FJ series is configured with the same durable technology that gives the FI utmost reliability. The added thickness to the frame members, which are also shot-peened and powder-coated for greater surface strength and resistance to corrosion, allow for greater durability. Taller stacks of main and helper springs are also installed to its rear suspension for increased load carrying capability.

Similar to the FUSO FI 1217R, the FJ’s noteworthy upgrades is apparent in the cab exterior across the three (3) variants. The 2018 FJ 2528R, 2528C, and 1823R also supports a modern aerodynamic front fascia design for fuel-efficiency and reduction of cabin noise.

As heavy-duty trucks plying Philippine roads day and night, the added Cruise Control and Variable RPM control will be useful for long-drives across major highways. For better illumination, the FUSO FJ is equipped with new Dual Chamber Headlamps with integrated LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRL).

The 2018 FJ interior comes with improved ergonomics as it is configured with newly designed fabric seat material for additional comfort while travelling and an additional LED Room Lamp for increased brightness within the cabin. The Fuso FJ is also equipped with a 1-DIN Radio System integrated with a USB Port for the driver and porter’s travel convenience.

Safety is another improved factor for the 2018 FJ as all variants are configured with a Seat Belt Reminder and a Central Lock feature to help prevent untimely accidents on the road. The FJ has also been fitted with wider designed doors for the convenience of the crew.

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