FUSO Philippines kicks off its 2nd wave of Fuel Eco-Run Challenge

March 09, 2023

Bagac, Bataan – Following the 1st wave of Fuel Eco-Run Challenge last September 2022 – Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP) once again proven its fuel-efficiency marking of three (3) FUSO trucks including Canter FE73, Canter FE85-S, and FJ 2528R.

The 2nd wave of the Fuel Eco-Run Challenge commenced last February 17, 2023, at the same route in San Fernando, Pampanga to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan covering 158.3 kilometers that covered a mixture of traffic, uphill and downhill areas, city roads, and suburban driving conditions.

From Carworld, Inc. – FUSO Pampanga, the trucks traveled carrying weight equivalent to 8000 kgs for the FJ 2528R, 2,700 kgs for the Canter FE85-S, and 1,000 kgs for the Canter FE73 to demonstrate delivery and trucking scenarios, as well as achieve reliable results.

The results indicated below are observed and certified by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

Canter FE73 with Aluminum Van (Almazora)11.22 km/l
Canter FE85-S with Aluminum Van (Centro)7.15 km/l
FJ 2528R with F-Wing Van (Centro)3.70 km/l

Observer’s Result

10:25 AM
Refueling, check tire pressure and sealing the vehicle – Pump 6

2023 Fuso FJ 2528R M/T, White, Plate No. HO-E202
Note: Tire Pressure base on specification 120psi both Front & Rear
Loaded 8,000 kg (8 tons)

2023 Fuso Canter FE85-S 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D801
Note: Tire Pressure base on specification 102psi both Front & Rear
Loaded 2,700 kg (2.7 tons)

2023 Fuso Canter FE73 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D557
Note: Tire Pressure base on specification 76psi both Front & Rear
Loaded 1,000 kg (1 ton)

National Road-Testing Condition (with traffic, winding uphill and downhill)

10:53 AM
Trip Start from Shell Bacolor, Pampanga
Target Speed is 60-80kph.

4:26 PM
END and arrived at Shell Bacolor, Pampanga

CarmakeOdometer StartOdometer FinishTrip Meter
2023 Fuso Fj 2528R M/T, White,
Plate No. HO-E202
508.1 kms666.4 kms158.3 kms
2023 Fuso Canter FE85-S 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D801365.0 kms518.1 kms153.1 kms
2023 Fuso Canter FE73 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D557362.0 kms669.2 kms153.2 kms

GPS Reading of 156.80 kms official distance traveled.
Odometer reading of 158.3 will be used for official distance traveled.


CarmakeOfficial Distance (km)Fuel Loaded (L)Fuel Consumption (km/l)
2023 Fuso Fj 2528R M/T, White,
Plate No. HO-E202
158.3 kms42.79 liters.3.70 liters.
2023 Fuso Canter FE85-S 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D801158.3 kms22.14 liters.7.15 liters
2023 Fuso Canter FE73 3.0L M/T, White, Plate No. HO-D557158.3 kms14.11 liters.11.22 liters

Mr. Yosuke Nishi, SFP President and CEO said, “We, at FUSO, always true to its commitment of providing reliable and fuel-efficient products that is essential in transportation and logistics operations. We also ensure that our vehicles are maintained in as high-quality and durable in manner as possible.”

Same with the 1st Wave of Fuel Eco-Run Challenge, its objective is to promote and advocate the fuel efficiency of FUSO commercial vehicles among existing owners and prospective buyers – to highlight fuel mileage, driving comfort, and the vehicle’s powerful performance.

Mr. Noriyuki Sekita, SFP EVP for Sales and Marketing added, “…our participating drivers will also be accommodated by our team to help achieve successful results and good mileage by applying correct driving techniques and following traffic rules.”

Upon the conclusion of the drive, the process evaluation report was presented by AAP Observer – Mr. Arthur Anthony Guevarra, and Autoindustriya’s Executive Editor – Mr. Eric Tipan.

The 1-day drive was flagged off by the AAP, Autoindustriya, Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation and its dealer partner, Carworld, Inc. – FUSO Pampanga.

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